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Kick-Off Meeting in Bialystok – April, 21-22, 2021 (online)

The first transnational project meeting was organized by Bialystok University of Technology, in online form.

The first kick-off meeting was two-folded, with administrative issues, promotion ideas and presentations and discussions about intellectual outputs, training staff events, dissemination. It was online meeting on MS Teams platform.

The first day 21.04: welcome speech from Vice-Rector of International Cooperation of BUT Dorota Krawczyk; presentations of the leader and partners institutions and their teams; general presentation of the project-D.Mozyrska; management issues: budget of the project, reporting, documents, partner agreements -Joanna Panasiuk; discussion on planning of communication and coordination between partners during the project – Teams working meetings, emailing, shared files, etc.-moderated by Dorota Mozyrska; presentation of Intellectual Output 1 (description and plan of realization, role and tasks of all partners)-ULE+TAMK; presentation of Intellectual Output 2 (description and plan of realization, role and tasks of all partners)- TUC;

The second day 22.04: presentation of Intellectual Output 3 (description and plan of realization, role and tasks of all partners)-BUT; brain-storming on short-term joint staff training events-ULE+TAMK+TUC; open discussion on: Project visual identity & promotional materials (project corporate identity, logo); Internal project evaluation; Dissemination Plan; List of actions preparation, next meeting arrangements, discussion, any other issues.

The meeting was planned to be organised in Bialystok, at BUT. The difference is that it was online, organised on MS Teams and moderated by BUT team. On the other side it was very fruitful and important meeting, where all needed and planned issues took place, were established or discussed.

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