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The last transnational project meeting was organized by Bialystok University of Technology, in Białystok, Poland on 23.02.2023. It was one day meeting, but very fruitful and with a lot of important summarizing and discussions.

It was multi-pronged, summarizing many ideas from the project: with administrative issues, promotion and dissemination, discussions about intellectual outputs, preparation to final report. As well we discuss about future cooperation. The most important issue was implementations of the results of the projects and promotion.

We include in the program: general presentation of the project the final results of the project – D.Mozyrska; management issues: budget of the project, reporting, documents needed to the final report -Joanna Panasiuk; presenattions of national dissemination events in each patner’s country: Polyxeni Arapi (Greece), Juha Tuominen (Finland), Anne Bastian and Sandy Adam (Germany). We had an open discussion on the final version of all results: O1, O2, O3.  We discuss how we our films and how we can wider promote, utilize and implement the results. We continue important discussion about student’s  impressions. We spoke also about curricula of different subject at different universities, how we can include the e-coaching methodology in teaching and learning activities.